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The Greek Bureau undertakes the settlement of any accident caused in Greece by a vehicle with plates from a foreign country that is a member of the Green Card System and that has been provided with a Green Card; or by a vehicle from a country whose Bureau has signed Section III of the Internal Regulations, based on the Insurance Policy and registration plates.

  • The Internal Regulations have provided for the appointment of correspondents of foreign insurance Companies.
  • In the event that the foreign Insurance Company has an appointed Correspondent in Greece, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is qualified to indicate to you the competent correspondent in Greece of the foreign Insurance Company that will undertake the settlement of the claim, under the supervision of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and always according to the terms of the Internal Regulations. Click here: Correspondents of Foreign Insurance Companies to search the nominated correspondents of the foreign insurance undertakings in Greece.
  • In the event that the foreign Insurance Company has not appointed a Correspondent in Greece, the settlement is taken care of by the Greek Bureau, which appoints a Greek Insurance Company- member of the MIB to handle the case
  • Insurance Cover Investigation

The Police Authority or Insurance Company that have recorded or have been notified of an accident in Greece involving a vehicle with foreign registration plates is obliged to immediately notify the Motor Insurers’ Bureau in writing regarding the vehicle’s country of origin, registration number and all insurance data of the vehicle(s) involved (Article 32, Law 489/76).

However, there is a possibility that the Police Authority does not record all relevant and necessary information, or that the circumstances of the accident do not allow the proper collection of insurance cover information; e.g. when the foreign driver has abandoned the place of accident.

In this case and provided that the foreign vehicle is normally based in a country that belongs to Section III of the Internal Regulations, the Motor Insurers' Bureau will conduct an investigation (as long as some vehicle identification data is available; e.g. registration number, make, model, country of origin) with the corresponding Bureau of the country that has issued the plates in order to obtain the missing data.
  • Payment of compensation

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau guarantees the compensation of claims that have been caused by Greek vehicles abroad as long as these vehicles had been provided with a Green Card or are insured under Deemed Insurance Cover in a country of Section III of the Internal Regulations, based on the registration plates of the said vehicle.

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