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  • All Green Cards have the same format. The genuine card must be of green colour, have 11 paragraphs – boxes with the completed information and a table with the distinguishing international letters for the 45 counties, in duplicate, without erasures, additions or cancellations and none of its data must be modified in any way.
  • The member – states for which the Green Card is valid, are recorded with the international letters inside a linear border. The 30 member – states of the European Economic Area, including Switzerland, constitute one territorial unit and they accordingly appear together in a uniform frame. Each of the other countries of the System appears separately within the frame of the 45 countries participating in the System.


The Green Card is divided into paragraphs numbered from 1 to 11 setting out the following:


  • Paragraph 1, "International Insurance Certificate".

  • Paragraph 2, the Motor Insurers' Bureau, under the authority of which the International Insurance Certificate is being issued.

  • Paragraph 3, the dates of validity of the Green Card, included in the period of validity.

  • Paragraph 4, the international letters of the country where the Motor Insurers' Bureau is based, the code number of the insurance company that issues the card and the serial number of the Green Card.

  • Paragraph 5, the plate number of the vehicle or the chassis number or the engine number.

  • Paragraph 6, the category of the vehicle.

  • Paragraph 7, the make of the vehicle.

  • Paragraph 8, information about the territorial validity of the Green Card.

  • Paragraph 9, the name of the insured owner or driver.

  • Paragraph 10, the trade name and the address of the insurance company that issued the Green Card.

  • Paragraph 11, the signature of the insurer.

  • At the back of the Card are the instructions for the insured and the list of all the Green Card Bureaux.


All above information must be printed.Manual additions are prohibited.

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