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Registration of a member company


The members of the Greek MIB are 96.

All insurance companies conducting motor vehicle liability insurance, whether headquartered in Greece or abroad and whether they provide insurance cover through their establishment in Greece or through the Free Provision of Services (art. 28, Law 489/76) are compulsorily and ipso jure members of the Motor Insurers' Bureau- Greece.

The members’ financial obligations are:

  • Payment of the sum of € 3,000 to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau for the subscription fee.

  • Financial participation, which is paid on a two-month basis (by the 15th day of the following month) and calculated on the basis of the insured vehicles as follows:

0.40% in respect of the insurance gross premiums from the Third Party Liability insurance, for all vehicle categories, as from 1/1/2017.

The financial obligations to the MIB are specified in article 33, paragraphs 3 (a) and (b) and 4 of L. 489/76.





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