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Advice on road accidents abroad



  • In the event of an accident abroad, contact the Motor Insurers' Bureau of the country where the accident occurred for further assistance. Details of the Motor Insurers' Bureaux participating in the System can be found on the Council of Bureaux' website:
  • If you are liable for the accident, give the other driver a copy of your Green Card or your insurance policy, and contact your insurance company or the Motor Insurers' Bureau of the country where you are located to declare the accident.
  • If you are not liable for the accident and you want to claim compensation, make sure you keep details of the insurance cover of the vehicle that caused the damage and ask the other driver to make a declaration to their insurance company, which you should then contact if your vehicle needs to be repaired while abroad.If the accident, which you are not liable for, has occurred in an EU country, you can claim your compensation on return to Greece by contacting the claims representatives for insurance companies of EU member states.
    In order to find the 4th MID claims representatives of foreign insurance companies in Greece you may contact the Hellenic Information Centre. If the foreign insurance company has not appointed a representative in Greece, contact the Motor Insurer's Bureau-Greece (Greek Compentation Body)




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