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Information about an accident in Greece caused by a vehicle with foreign plates


  • Call the Police to record the accident

  • Note down correctly the registration number of the foreign vehicle and its country of origin

  • Do not forget to note down the make and type of the foreign vehicle

  • Ask from the foreign driver to present his/her Green Card or insurance policy. If possible, make a copy of the Green Card or the insurance policy or cut the copy of the Green Card or Frontier Insurance. If not possible, note down in detail paragraphs 3,4,5,10 of the Green Card. In case the foreign driver has an insurance policy, note down the name of the foreign insurance company, the policy number and dates of validity.

  • For further guidelines, contact the Motor Insurers' Bureau - Greece the soonest possible

  • The Greek Bureau undertakes the handling of all accidents occurring in Greece by a vehicle bearing plates from another country-member of the Green Card System and is supplied with a Green Card or a Certificate of Frontier Insurance, or coming from a member state of the EU or the E.E.A.

  • In the event that the foreign insurance company has appointed a Correspondent in Greece, the Motor Insurers' Bureau is the competent authority to indicate the correspondent of the foreign insurer in Greece, who will settle the claim, under the supervision of the Motor Insurers' Bureau and always in compliance with the provisions of the Internal Regulations. Click on Correspondents of Foreign Insurance Companies to search the nominated correspondents of the foreign insurance undertakings in Greece.

  • In the event that the foreign insurance company has not appointed a Correspondent in Greece, the handling of the case will be carried out through the Greek Bureau, who will appoint a Greek insurance company – MIB member, to whom the handling of the particular case will be entrusted.


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