Insurance Companies were also obliged to appoint a Claims Representative in each EU country for the settlement of claims for which they are liable. All Claims Representatives are registered in the respective Information Centres where interested injured parties can obtain information concerning the Claims Representative of the Insurance Company covering the vehicle involved in an accident.

- In order for the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive provisions and the P. D. 10/2003 to apply, liability must be indisputable and no legal action should have been taken against the Insurance Company of the liable vehicle.

- The injured party at his place of residence submits a compensation claim to the Insurance Company of the vehicle that caused the accident or to its Claims Representative identified through the Information Centre. You may find the 4th MID claims representatives of foreign insurance companies in Greece at the website of the Hellenic Information Centre at the following link: http://www.hic.gr/hic/EN/Search_Repr.aspx

- If there is no justified answer within three months, or if there is no appointed Claims Representative, the injured party submits a demand to the Compensation Body of the country of his residence and after the expiry of the two month period, this Body settles the claim according to the legislation of the Member State where the accident occurred and pays compensation if it is obliged to do so.

- According to the provisions of the 4th Directive or P. D. 10/2003, the injured party does not have the right to bring the Compensation Body to court.

- The Compensation Body is also responsible to fulfill the demands of injured parties residing in EU countries and having been damaged in another Member State, in the following cases:

1. when the vehicle is unidentified,
2. when the identity of the Insurance Company of the vehicle that caused the accident cannot be established,
3. when the accident involves an uninsured vehicle coming from a country outside the EU whose National Motor Insurers' Bureau has joined the Green Card System.

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